Machine or system whose internal structure or processing is known in addition to the knowledge about its inputs, outputs, and the relationship between them.
Custom or self-built computer system with no or an unknown, brand name. In aggregate, white box machines usually outsell branded PCs.

Source:,5 June 2015

Similarly to the ‘White Box’ definition, we believe that through this versatile space, we can provide opportunities for individuals and organisations with different Skills, Knowledge, and Experiences to come together to forge new collaborative relationships, spark creative new ideas, and create opportunities for the benefit of society.

To Provide A Versatile Space Where Ideas And Opportunities Are Created For The Benefit of Society.

To Be The Catalyst For Positive Community Building.

Respect . Activeness . Making A Difference.


White Box Space Use & Rental Rates 

Format & Seating Capacity:

  • Theaterette Seating: up to 40 pax
  • Classroom/Workshop with Tables: up to 20-24 pax
  • Studio: Open Floor suitable for Dance, Yoga, Drama, Exercise and Martial Arts Classes.
  • Function Room: Suitable for Catered Gatherings/Kenduri, Parties and Movie Screenings
    (Base Rate includes Tables and Seats, Monitor and/or Music Player)

White Box Activity Room Base Rate:

  • Base Hourly Rate: $50/hr

Available Equipment Add-ons
(All equipment listed below subject to availability on scheduled time slots)

AV Equipment

  • Projector: Free for bookings above 2hrs. $15/hr for bookings of 2hrs or less.
  • X-Box/Playstation: $10/hr with 2 standard game pads, not inclusive of games. $5/hr additional for Kinect.

Sports Equipment For Classes

  • MMA Mats (1m x 1m): $1/hr per piece for bookings above 3hrs. $2/hr per piece for bookings of 3hrs or less.
  • Training Cones/Disc Markers: Free for bookings above 3 hrs. $0.50/hr per piece for bookings of 3hrs or less.

Attached Musollah

  • Private Prayer Area (with Qiblat Marked) with Prayer Mats & .
  • Prayer Wear for Men & Women provided.
  • Slippers available for convenience to access ablution areas.


Discounts for White Box Co-working Space Residents'

  • Residents’ discount: 25% off Base Rate
  • Hot Desk Members’ discount: 20% off Base Rate

Block Booking Promotional Discounts:
(Block Booking Discounts apply only to Activity Room Rental only and are not applicable to Equipment Rental.)

  • 10% off for block bookings of 4 sessions of 3 hours per session.
  • 15% off for block bookings of 4 sessions of 4 hours per session and above.
  • 20% off for block bookings of 8 sessions of 4 hours per session and above.
  • 25% off for block bookings of 12 sessions of 4 hours per session and above.

Booking Terms and conditions

  • Booking Enquiries may be made via the Booking Enquiry form on this page or via email to [email protected].
  • All bookings subject to availability of vacant time slots.
  • Full payment is required upon confirmation for all bookings.
  • All payments made are strictly non-refundable.
  • To qualify for discounts, bookings must be confirmed at least 4 weeks in advance.
  • Discounts will not apply to bookings made less than 4 weeks in advance.
  • Any requests for changes or postponement must be made at least 2 weeks in advance, with approval for changes or postponements subject to availability of facilities and equipment.
  • No changes or postponement requests will be allowed within 2 weeks prior to the date of respective sessions booked.
  • Bookings made less than 2 weeks in advance are not allowed to be changed or postponed.
  • Any no-shows or cancellations will result in the forfeiture of fees paid for the respective session affected.
  • The consumption of alcohol is prohibited within the premises. 

White Box Booking Enquiry Form

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